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Employment Testing

Employers can save an average $30 for every $1 invested and reduce work-related injuries by 50-80% by implementing WorkStep’s Employment Testing Program.

WorkSteps is designed to meet the critical need of employers for medically safe, legally compliant and defensible, scientific and objective means of matching a worker’s functional capabilities with the essential functions of the job, WorkSTEPS has developed procedures and processes that include:

  1. Job Analysis/Worksite Assessment
  2. Functional Employment Testing
  3. Continued Educational Training

WorkSTEPS establishes functional testing as a foundation for hiring, fit-for-duty, and return-to-work programs. WorkSTEPS significantly reduces incidence and costs related to work injuries by:

  • Appropriately matching employees to the essential functions of their jobs
  • Expediting safe, early return to work
  • Supplying objective, individualized data that results in case resolution for disputed/fraudulent worker’s compensation cases
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